Minnesota Love <3

As the weather starts to get a little chilly and Christmas approaches, you may be searching for a cozy gift for a loved one (or maybe yourself).  Well, good thing I can help you out in your search. 🙂

The lovely and talented, Miss Ashley, has just what you’re looking for!  Whether it’s a scarf, mittens, or a head wrap, she is your girl for handmade, cozy, crocheted gifts.  Everything she makes is not only adorable, but it is comfy, cozy, and made with love…Minnesota love, that is. 🙂

If you’re interested in purchasing anything that she makes, her work can be seen on Etsy on our friend, Mollie’s page – Simply Glorious.

Check it out!

I do resumes, too!

Happy Friday!

Today, I’ve decided to target all of you lovely people who may be graduating next month or are just simply looking for a job and wondering how to set yourself apart.  I have good news for you…I do resume’s too. 🙂  Below is a resume that I created for my cousin, Becca.  Initially, she came to me for help with wording and basic layout, so we worked together to put together to create her original resume.  For her birthday, I decided to spice up her resume for her…

In the previous layout of her resume, Becca listed everything vertically similar to how I listed mine in my marketing resume.  The issue we ran into with the original layout was that there was alot of white space AND the resume was 2 pages long.  Now, what I was always told was that most employers look at each resume for approximately 15 seconds (if they receive alot of them).  So, to combat that little issue, the advice I was given was to try to keep your resume on one page and give it a little something that makes it stand out to an employer.  Now, with that said, you can call me a hypocrite, because my resume is 3 pages long…BUT as a college grad who doesn’t have much work experience aside from summer jobs, it was crucial for me to include each extracurricular activity I was a part of in my field of study.

Anyway, back to Becca’s resume…The first thing I did was to consolidate it to one page in an organized way.  Since I don’t know much about what employers in the Cosmetology field are looking for (as far as wording, experience, etc), I had help from many resume examples online.  Oh, and I enlisted the reviewing help of my mama who is a cosmetologist herself. 🙂

If you compare the fancy design of this resume to my resume design, you may wonder why one is so plain and the other not so much…well, that is also something to keep in mind when doing your resume.  Certain industries DO NOT want color or fancy fonts added to resumes simply because they are not part of the “Creative Industry” (we’ll just call it)  What I mean by that are the employers in the graphic design field or marketing field.  So before you get super excited about making your resume pretty, do a little research to see if the industry in which you’re applying is generally accepting of it. 🙂 When working on my resume, I wanted to keep it simple and only add a few “pretty pieces” so that the design wouldn’t distract from the content itself.  Now for Becca’s resume, I did not do a pretty design to distract from the content (ha)…but it was crucial to set her resume apart.  Especially because most cosmetology resumes have incredibly similar content.

Anyway, to wrap it up…if you need any help at all with wording, layout, or design of your resume, don’t hesitate to contact me!  For now, Happy Job Hunting!

P.S. If you happen to be reading this and know of a place hiring hair stylists in the Apple Valley, MN area, give Becca a call. 🙂

Holiday Marketing — Halloween

Happy Halloween!!  For those of your who are like me and not the biggest fans of today’s holiday, this post will be a treat for you.  I did a little research and found some of the best Halloween marketing.  Check it out!

Snickers has a Halloween themed commercial out currently as part of their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.

Little Ceasars has some interesting Halloween marketing this time of year, as well.  Take a look…if you dare… www.forbiddenpizzawebsite.com 

As a BIG fan of Chipolte, I found their campaign about $2 Booritos very clever for a Mexican restaurant.    Then again, I love cheesy stuff like that…especially burritos.  🙂  Ok moving on…

The outdoor sport goods company, REI, is being very helpful this Halloween and providing a list of must-haves and training techniques for fighting zombies.

Well, I hope those inspired you as much as they did me…or at least gave you a good laugh. 🙂  The holidays are a great time to do some special marketing because

  1. You have the fun of “theme-ing” your product/service
  2. People tend to spend more money around holidays
  3. Special marketing is a great way to celebrate the occasion!

So, brainstorm about a marketing campaign that you could do for your business that would go along with the upcoming holidays.  My favorite campaigns are the ones that revolve around a not-so-popular (or well-known) holiday, such as National Change a Light Day on October 7.  Think of the marketing campaign ideas you could do for such a holiday! 🙂

Actually, I have a real-life example of this type of marketing…I am working with a client to do a campaign based on Black Friday which is quickly approaching within the next few weeks.  For the time-being, this project remains top secret, but I promise that I will let you in on it when the time is right…

Until then, Happy Halloween!

Lighting a fire under your marketing

Hi friends,

It’s Thursday already!  This week is flying by!  I don’t know what the weather is like where you are (as a home-grown Minnesotan, I’m required to bring up the weather, right? :)) but it has been dreary and rainy here all week.  Because of that (and it being fall and all), I have been in urgent need of some coziness.  My ugly sweater/cardigan collection and coffee can only do so much, so I went on a search…

What is more cozy than a bonfire?!  Ok, probably quite a few things (ha) but I found a certain bonfire that will light a fire under your marketing…Small Business Bonfire.  I use this website as a way to communicate with other marketing professionals that are in similar business situations as myself.  A major downfall of working for myself (and by myself) is that there is nobody to bounce ideas around with…so this website is the perfect solution for me!

Now, if you are part of running a small business venture, you should take a peak at this site, as well.  I found an article just this morning that inspired some ideas for the marketing I am working on for a few clients.  Check it out for yourself: 7 Small Business Trick-or-Treat Marketing Tips

Hopefully this post brightened up your day…no matter what the weather is like where you are. 🙂

Until next time…

Fatherly Advice

Today’s post is inspired by a great man in my life…my dad.

As I mentioned before, both of my parents are entrepreneurs, so I think it’s actually in my DNA. 🙂  My mom owns her own hair salon in my tiny little hometown (and runs the Plathe Pumpkin Patch like a pro…see previous post). My dad farms, and he called me up to chat yesterday while he was out in the field…

A little background:  My dad and I are thinkers…we think and think and think until we are 85 steps ahead of the rest of the world.  I would also describe my dad as a dreamer in that he comes up with ideas for new inventions and businesses literally everyday.  Not only does he come up with the ideas, but he also thinks through all the little details about how they could work…then he gets incredibly excited.  Therefore, when he’s got about a half a pot of coffee in him in the morning, he calls me and tells me all about his latest idea.  Anyway, I love those conversations with my pops, because he always gets me excited about the possibilities of the future AND there is ALWAYS a bit of advice attached…

“Not taking a risk is a risk, too.”  ~Dad

As a farmer, this man knows what risk is arguably better than anyone else, so after I hung up the phone, I spent some time reflecting on those words…

In life, if we don’t take a risk and continue to remain in our comfort zone, we risk the chance of not experiencing something truly wonderful.  For example, my Junior year of college, I was contemplating studying abroad for either four weeks or four months.  I took a leap of faith and decided to go for a whole semester (4 months) which was 150% outside of my comfort zone and highly unlike me to do.  Well, I can safely say that those were the best four months of my life…I met incredible people, saw oodles of amazing things, ate great food, and most importantly, learned things about myself I otherwise would not have. (If you’d like more details on my adventure, I have a blog about it: Lindsay’s London Adventure)

Well, professionally-speaking, taking a risk is just as frightening.  However, not taking a risk and continuing to do things like you always have won’t get you very far in this ever-changing world.  None of us want to become stale in our business endeavors…we want to always be thinking BIG for the future.

Now, after reading this, take a look at your business…is there more you could be doing to stay fresh and up-to-date?  How about your marketing?  When was the last time you updated the content of your website or business card?  You may be thinking, “I’m doing fine…business is good.”  To that, let me ask you this: “Don’t you want your business to be GREAT?!”

Ok, I just had a conversation with myself, so I think it’s about time to wrap this up… 🙂

I was always taught that the key to success in business (great business) is to hire people that are smarter than you…aka: experts in their field.  So, if your marketing is getting stale, take a chance and hire me to help!  Remember, “not taking a risk is a risk, too.”

Email me today!  lgplathe08@ole.augie.edu

Facebook stats and the Plathe Pumpkin Patch…hey, that kind of rhymes :)

FaceHappy Friday!

Today, I would like to explore the topic of Facebook page statistics.

Alert: This is yet another marketing aspect that makes me happy 🙂 —Yup, another nerd-out blog post.

The Facebook business page we will be exploring today is actually a business that is incredibly near and dear to me…the Plathe Pumpkin Patch!  I told you that entrepreneurship is in my blood.

**In case you’re wondering, this is my awesome family. 🙂

Up until this year, the way we spread the word about the Plathe Pumpkin Patch was through newspaper ads each Fall, word of mouth, and hand-made signs on the main roads near our home.  The news really got out when we began hosting field trips for several local elementary schools along with donating gourds and small pumpkins to local churches.  Well, to stay fresh, we enlisted the help of the World Wide Web.  The best part…it’s FREE!

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with my mama on the phone and she asked me if I could help her set up a Facebook page for the Pumpkin Patch.  This year is our 7th year of being open, and she found out that we have some competition in the area this year.

Well I told her that I would help manage the page when I had time, but Mom pleasantly surprised me…apparently marketing runs in my blood, too.  This woman is a marketing machine!  It brings a giant smile to my face when I see a Plathe Pumpkin Patch post pop up on my newsfeed almost everyday. 😀  Go Mom!

Back to the main subject of today’s blog post: Facebook stats.  Mom doesn’t know this nifty info yet either…:)

Alright, these are some of the stats from the day the Plathe Pumpkin Patch Facebook page was created until today.  At first glance, you see an overall decrease, and you’re probably thinking, “Lindsay, this is bad…why are you showing me this?”.   Let’s take a closer look:  As you can see the blue dots represent how many total people saw the Plathe Pumpkin Patch page through friends and friends of friends.  The number began at 2,423 people on September 14, peaked at 2,610 people reached on September 17, and has leveled out to reaching 230-240 people per day.  I don’t know about you, but I am impressed!  The purple dots represent when a post is made on the page, so by comparing the blue line to each purple dot, one can determine how many people each post reached.  The portion of greatest increase in people reached seemed to be correlated with adding pictures to the page along with general excitement about a new page for a business that people recognize.

This next graph is pretty neat, too.

This graph breaks down the demographic information, such as age and gender, of all the people who have “Liked” the Plathe Pumpkin Patch page.  As you can see, more than 86% of the “Likes” are from females with 20.8% of them being between the ages of 35-44.  This information can be used in the future to design other marketing material in a way that appeals primarily to women in the highest percent age groups.  Great for any business to know especially if you are unsure of your primary target market!

These graphs are only a small portion of the information that is available through your Facebook page’s “Insights” tab.  However, just a note: to have access to this information, you must be an administrator of the page and have at least 30 “Likes”.

I would love to keep spewing out other interesting things you can find on your Facebook page, but this post has already turned into somewhat of a novel.  Thanks for hanging in there. 🙂  I hope you learned something new…and maybe even had a nerd-out moment.

*Note:  This information about traffic/hits is also available on almost all websites…in fact, I have the stats available to me on this blog site (WordPress).  It tells me how many people were on my blog, which post they spent the most time on, and how they found the link to my blog (i.e. Facebook, search engine, etc).

No shortage of experience

This morning, as I enjoyed a big ol’ cup of joe, my caffeinated brain got to thinking…all of you lovely people would probably like to see what I was up to before the birth of Lindsay Plathe Marketing Consulting.  Well, good thing I can read your mind, huh? 🙂

Here is my beautiful (or so I would like to think :)) resume.


Otherwise, this information and even more can be found on my online resume at my LinkedIn profile, so feel free to check it out!
Happy Wednesday!

Business Cards

Attention: My business cards have arrived!!

I feel like I have been waiting an eternity for them…and I think the UPS man was taunting me on purpose the whole week.  Yesterday, I saw him stopped at the end of the street which got me pretty excited.  He began to drive down the street toward my house (my enthusiasm growing by the second)!  Suddenly…he turns around in the cul-de-sac and wheels on down the road…

Today was a different story.  I went about my work when I noticed a lovely little box sitting by my front door…IT’S HERE!!!  Ok, ok thanks for sticking with me through both that tragic story and the happy one.  Now…the moment you’ve all (or just me. ha!) been waiting for…TA DA!

Alright, let’s break it down…

The image on the left is the front of the business card and the image on the right is the back.  I did a 2-sided business card for a few reasons.

1) So I didn’t have to cram all my contact information, logo, and picture onto one side.

2) So I could feature my logo and my picture which is the main aspect of what Lindsay Plathe Marketing Consulting is all about…me. 🙂

3) I needed the QR code and all the contact information to be large enough so that they stick out to people.


I chose to do a vertical layout for the front of my card simply because the picture looked better that way. 🙂  However, it is a somewhat unusual way to do business cards, so hopefully the uniqueness will make it stand out.


As you can see, I have alot of different contact information, so it was important to make sure that each avenue was clearly visible on the business card.

So the key aspects of every business card are listed:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website — For this part, I put icons of social media that I am linked to: WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I am sure some of you are wondering what the QR code (the black and white square to the left of my contact info) is and what it does… a QR code is an image that you can scan if you have a QR App on your cell phone.  When you scan the image, it will automatically connect you to a website.  In this case, my marketing blog.

That about sums this up in the business card department.  Thanks for tuning in!


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