Fatherly Advice

Today’s post is inspired by a great man in my life…my dad.

As I mentioned before, both of my parents are¬†entrepreneurs, so I think it’s actually in my DNA. ūüôā ¬†My mom owns her own hair salon in my tiny little hometown (and runs the Plathe Pumpkin Patch¬†like a pro…see previous post). My dad farms, and he called me up to chat yesterday while he was out in the field…

A little background: ¬†My dad and I are thinkers…we think and think and think until we are 85 steps ahead of the rest of the world. ¬†I would also describe my dad as a dreamer in that he comes up with ideas for new inventions and businesses literally everyday. ¬†Not only does he come up with the ideas, but he also thinks through all the little details about how they could work…then he gets incredibly excited. ¬†Therefore, when he’s got about a half a pot of coffee in him in the morning, he calls me and tells me all about his latest idea. ¬†Anyway, I love those conversations with my pops, because he always gets me excited about the possibilities of the future AND there is ALWAYS a bit of advice attached…

“Not taking a risk is a risk, too.” ¬†~Dad

As a farmer, this man knows what risk is arguably better than anyone else, so after I hung up the phone, I spent some time reflecting on those words…

In life, if we don’t take a risk and continue to remain in our comfort zone, we risk the chance of not experiencing something truly wonderful. ¬†For example, my Junior year of college, I was contemplating studying abroad for either four weeks or four months. ¬†I took a leap of faith and decided to go for a whole semester (4 months) which was 150% outside of my comfort zone and highly unlike me to do. ¬†Well, I can safely say that those were the best four months of my life…I met incredible people, saw oodles of amazing things, ate great food, and most importantly, learned things about myself I otherwise would not have. (If you’d like more details on my adventure, I have a blog about it: Lindsay’s London Adventure)

Well, professionally-speaking, taking a risk is just as frightening. ¬†However, not taking a risk and continuing to do things like you always have won’t get you very far in this ever-changing world. ¬†None of us want to become stale in our business endeavors…we want to always be thinking BIG for the future.

Now, after reading this, take a look at your business…is there more you could be doing to stay fresh and up-to-date? ¬†How about your marketing? ¬†When was the last time you updated the content of your website or business card? ¬†You may be thinking, “I’m doing fine…business is good.” ¬†To that, let me ask you this: “Don’t you want your business to be GREAT?!”

Ok, I just had a conversation with myself, so I think it’s about time to wrap this up… ūüôā

I was always taught that the key to success in business (great business) is to hire people that are smarter than you…aka: experts in their field. ¬†So, if your marketing is getting stale, take a chance and hire me to help! ¬†Remember, “not taking a risk is a risk, too.”

Email me today!  lgplathe08@ole.augie.edu

There’s nothing like a great “before & after”

I’ve already been busy working on my first clients’ marketing. ūüôā ¬†So ladies and gents, I would like to present to you Shirley and Phil Larson Real Estate Team! ¬†Check out some of the work I did for them!


This is the coverpage of Shirley and Phil’s book that they showed to their real estate clients. ¬†To add a more professional and consistent look, I created a letterhead and a brief description of who the Larson’s are. ¬†This page is the first thing clients see, so it was important for it to make a great impression right off the bat.

I would also like to show you the information pages within each client sales book…



The 2 pages above¬†were included within Shirley and Phil’s sales booklet. ¬†In order to effectively brand anything or anybody, consistency is crucial! ¬†The page to the left is an example of the letterhead that I designed to match the coverpage. ¬†Each page of the booklet is printed with this look to give it a cohesive image. ¬†It also displays the Larson’s picture and logo along with their contact information.

Now for the brochure! ūüôā


The first brochure is from about 10 years ago, when Shirley and Phil’s main focus was raising their children and finding a home for their ¬†clients to raise their families as well. ¬†In 2012, Shirley and Phil’s children are grown, and they still would like to find their clients family homes. ¬†However, their updated brochure now highlights the vast experience that they have in the real estate industry. ¬†It also sticks to the blue theme found on their letterhead. ¬†It was important for Shirley and Phil to feature their past clients’ testimonials and recommendations in their new brochure. ¬†These are like gold for any business! ūüôā

My other main project for the Larson’s was their Facebook page…When I began just a little over a month ago, they had 11 “Likes” and today they have 47 “Likes”! ¬†They are now reaching more than 4 times as many people as before by interacting with their Facebook friends. ¬†This was done by regularly posting real estate related media such as articles, videos, and current home listings. ¬†I also incorporated a Facebook icon on all their new print material in order to increase traffic on their updated page.

Now all that’s left to ask is, “Are you interested in real estate South of the River in the Twin Cities??” ¬† Shirley they can Phil your real estate needs! ¬†Check them out on Facebook by searching¬†ShirleyAndPhilLarsonRealEstateTeam or their website: www.soldbylarsons.com

If you think anything in this post would help you and your small business, I would love to help!!  Shoot me an email to inquire about any marketing consulting I can do for you.  lgplathe08@ole.augie.edu

Reading this quote made me smile this morning…

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma ‚ÄĒ which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice; and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Steve Jobs

I have always known that I wanted to own my own business…in what? ¬†I couldn’t have told you 2 months ago. ¬†One might say that being an¬†entrepreneur¬†is in my blood as both my parents run their own successful businesses. ¬†So as graduation was quickly approaching this past spring, I spoke with many professors, friends, and relatives to see what my options were…starting my own business wasn’t at the top of the list.

After 6 months of sending resumes, interviewing, waiting…, and even a couple job offers, I re-evaluated. ¬†I know it’s crazy to turn down a job in this economy, and I seriously considered taking one of them with the thought “This would be great experience overall, but I know that I wouldn’t want to get out of bed everyday to do this…I would be miserable.”

Lindsay Plathe Marketing Consulting was born within hours of saying those exact words during a conversation with my dad. ¬†Like I said before, I always knew I wanted to own my own business…I just never knew what it would be. ¬†Well, my heart and intuition lead me to a path that I plan to follow with them as my guides…they know what I truly want to become. ūüôā

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