I do resumes, too!

Happy Friday!

Today, I’ve decided to target all of you lovely people who may be graduating next month or are just simply looking for a job and wondering how to set yourself apart.  I have good news for you…I do resume’s too. 🙂  Below is a resume that I created for my cousin, Becca.  Initially, she came to me for help with wording and basic layout, so we worked together to put together to create her original resume.  For her birthday, I decided to spice up her resume for her…

In the previous layout of her resume, Becca listed everything vertically similar to how I listed mine in my marketing resume.  The issue we ran into with the original layout was that there was alot of white space AND the resume was 2 pages long.  Now, what I was always told was that most employers look at each resume for approximately 15 seconds (if they receive alot of them).  So, to combat that little issue, the advice I was given was to try to keep your resume on one page and give it a little something that makes it stand out to an employer.  Now, with that said, you can call me a hypocrite, because my resume is 3 pages long…BUT as a college grad who doesn’t have much work experience aside from summer jobs, it was crucial for me to include each extracurricular activity I was a part of in my field of study.

Anyway, back to Becca’s resume…The first thing I did was to consolidate it to one page in an organized way.  Since I don’t know much about what employers in the Cosmetology field are looking for (as far as wording, experience, etc), I had help from many resume examples online.  Oh, and I enlisted the reviewing help of my mama who is a cosmetologist herself. 🙂

If you compare the fancy design of this resume to my resume design, you may wonder why one is so plain and the other not so much…well, that is also something to keep in mind when doing your resume.  Certain industries DO NOT want color or fancy fonts added to resumes simply because they are not part of the “Creative Industry” (we’ll just call it)  What I mean by that are the employers in the graphic design field or marketing field.  So before you get super excited about making your resume pretty, do a little research to see if the industry in which you’re applying is generally accepting of it. 🙂 When working on my resume, I wanted to keep it simple and only add a few “pretty pieces” so that the design wouldn’t distract from the content itself.  Now for Becca’s resume, I did not do a pretty design to distract from the content (ha)…but it was crucial to set her resume apart.  Especially because most cosmetology resumes have incredibly similar content.

Anyway, to wrap it up…if you need any help at all with wording, layout, or design of your resume, don’t hesitate to contact me!  For now, Happy Job Hunting!

P.S. If you happen to be reading this and know of a place hiring hair stylists in the Apple Valley, MN area, give Becca a call. 🙂

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